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Prom night is all about being in the spotlight; every last detail of your chosen look is devised and planned out to perfection. With it being a transitional time in life; leaving school, blossoming and moving on to a new adventure, it is imperative that you depart in style. And of course, once the dress, hair and make-up are sorted, the finishing touch and often deal-maker, is the jewellery.

The occasion calls for gems that step up to the mark; diamond, topaz and white drusy sterling silver rings are an inexpensive way to create an aspirational jewellery look without being overpowering. They give off enough shimmer to captivate attention but won’t draw anything away from your suitably coloured dress. Here are a selection perfect for prom night.

This alluring diamond sterling silver ring (£115) definitely has the glamour factor required for the evening but without skimping on design with its fan-like curves. A great addition for a vintage-inspired dress or something a little quirky. And great once prom night is over and you want to add a glamorous touch to everyday.

As an alternative, the white drusy sterling silver ring (£35) is a more contemporary prom style; it’s light-catching yet adopts a more playful look thanks to its cocktail ring characteristics.

Or, for overstated sparkle,the cullinan topaz sterling silver ring (£35) is the all-out glitz option with a classic design; its larger gems are attention grabbing whilst the marquise shape retains elegance.

Along with a finger statement, sterling silver lends itself ideally to neck, wrist and ear wear to create the complete polished prom look and also allow for any desired splashes of colour. Depending on the style and neckline of your dress, you may want to add any, or all three of the following sumptuous pieces.

These Cullinan topaz sterling silver earrings (£29). These beautiful are delicate and feminine and will lend themselves to a number of occasions once prom night is over. They are a great length for hair up or down and will add a beautiful touch of sparkle around the face.

Or, if you are looking for a striking necklace to wear, this Cullinan topaz sterling silver necklace (£46) will finish any prom look perfectly. Just like the ring and earrings from the same collection, it is delicate, feminine and glamorous and would make a great addition to your jewellery box, both for prom night and in years to come.

Finally, if you need a subtle touch of sparkle around your wrist, this ¼ carat white diamond sterling silver bracelet (£104) is intricately beautiful and perfetc for such a significant evening. Just like a diamond tennis bracelet, it’s a classic that every girl should own.

Prom jewellery is a vital part of the prom ensemble, not to be taken lightly and with so many marvellous sterling silver rings available there is no reason why your look shouldn’t be suitably perfected for the big night.

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