What next? Xbox infinity or Fusion? Which one can be the next Xbox’s name?

The name of PlayStation 4 was obvious from the beginning so gamers knew what to expect, as there is an unwritten rule according to which you don’t have to fix a naming convention if it hasn’t been broken. However, Microsoft certainly knows how to be more than a wildcard. Their next Xbox which will be unveiled on May 21 has been highly mentioned on the internet and many rumors related to its name have started to circulate. From one point of view, this discussion seems to have a semantic approach, but the debate is more complex than that, since every name circulating on the internet conveys a different version of this console, along with different features. Until Microsoft decides to reveal the name they’ve chosen, let’s take a look at the top names found on the internet and at what they are said to accomplish.

Xbox Fusion

Rumor has it that Microsoft has registered a wide range of domain names for Fusion. However, this doesn’t mean that the next Xbox will carry this name, although there is a slight possibility, since Microsoft has decided that their new Xbox will be a hybrid entertainment/gaming machine. From this point of view, the name Fusion would make sense as it tells you from the beginning something about a dual identity.

The only problem is that it doesn’t matter whether this name is very suggestive to people or not, as the broad market perspective is more important. From this point of view, the name Fusion seems clunky, so the possibility of choosing this name seems unlikely.

Xbox Infinity

Infinity sounds like a name Microsoft would choose. It guarantees that you’ll never need another system, and this may be true, considering the new cloud capabilities and hardware. There’s a chance you won’t have to buy another system five years from now. Besides, this name also suggests the scope of the next services provided by Xbox- for example, if the living room is the place where your gaming experience takes place, Xbox is designed to be always there for you.

Infinity is a distinct option, meaning only a little more, without offering specific details. New products and technologies always benefit from this type of names.


Those who like betting should really bet on this name. Everybody knows that Microsoft loves following Apple’s tendencies and their latest one consisted of naming their most recent iPad simply “iPad”. However, if they follow this name convention they will offer a strong sense of commitment. This name says that this is neither the next Xbox, nor the latest one; instead, it simply refers to an ultimate machine. The Xbox console will probably be the center of a wide entertainment brand, so this would be the perfect name in case Microsoft wants to turn the new device into a leader, while giving subtitles to other devices.

This name is risky, as it implies that this machine should totally define the whole Xbox brand created by Microsoft. However, the machine has already been assigned to do that. The name will also bring some problems to the next system, in case there is one.

Xbox 720, Durango

This name is unlikely, as it would mean that Microsoft got confused and decided to give the console a name without a meaning. Durango would be a disappointment even for gamers.

Everybody is waiting to see what the name of the new console will be. Luckily, there are only a couple of weeks until the new Xbox is launched. Until then, we can only guess and hope we’re right. Passionate gamers have even betted on several names, so Microsoft’s announcement is hardly waited.

Author Bio: The article is authored an experienced writer of many articles Jason Phillips. He is a staff writer at the gaming site Motorbike Games 365. This site is the most favorite of zombie lovers. Jason too enjoys playing them. At his free time he loves to watch movies and play games.

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