Using Wallpaper For Home Decor

Wallpapers come in a series of patterns from bold and striking ones to mellow self print ones while the range of colours is also unlimited to give life to your walls. The correct use of wallpapers can add a decorative statement to any room, much similar to a feature wall while an incorrect use can make a room feel more compact then actual or give an overdose of print. If you have been scared or cautious to apply wallpaper, it’s about time that you do and this article provides you with essential tips and ideas. Whether you are going for a modern or traditional look, it’s all achievable by the simple use of wallpapers.

  • Where To Use Wallpaper

When considering in which room to place a wall paper then remember there are no rules, there is no room where wallpaper cannot be placed for styling, from the living room to the dining room any room’s beauty can be enhanced with the use of wall papers.

You can cover all four walls of a room with wallpaper or only a single wall, there are no restrictions. If your wallpaper is bold or loud its best to not install it in the entire room because it may become too easy to get bored of it and it will greatly take over the space, if the print is very small and limited and the colour is neutral then definitely go ahead and cover up your room. If you choose a wallpaper to provide a statement then it definitely must be one that stand outs and even if you cover a single wall, it will reflect upon the entire room. Even a section of a wall can be covered for style, for example if you have chair mouldings then only cover the top or bottom section with wallpaper while give the other section a coat of paint or decorate it with similar prints on canvas. Shelves and cupboards can even be given a lift by placing wallpaper on their backs.

  • Considering Room Orientation

It is very important to note that the type of print and colour you bring in to a room should be chosen according the orientation of the room, apart from style, since it can provide an illusion to alter it. If your room is too narrow then a vertical print should never be introduced while a horizontal print such as horizontal stripes can help to broaden up the look. If your space is too spacious then a large print in dark colours that stand out can help to cosy it up while the same colours and print in a small space will make it even more compact. A small space should have light colours on the wall and self print or tiny print will be the most appropriate, you can however always add colour through the use of cheap canvas printing or coloured light fixtures or a rug etc.

Author Bio: Author is an interior decor artist working for a multiple photos on Canvas Company online; he writes articles on ideas to enhance decor and incorporate the use of prints on canvas.

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