Toyota Land Cruiser Diesel- V8 engine technology now available for an affordable price

The year was 1951, when Toyota Land Cruiser brought a revolutionary change in the 4WD vehicles of the world. Land Cruiser models are definitely a huge favor to the reputation of Japanese industry. Much more than Japan, this vehicle was appreciated and consumed in Europe and US. This mighty invention of Toyota has won several best performance rewards in its each age.

It is an undeniable reality that Toyota Land Cruiser is a unique brand because its older sedans are still in demand. These versions are from 80’s and 90’s also available but in the review below our focus will be on the one with V8 engine technology because this super performing has now rushed into the used car market of Japan.

Is Toyota Land Cruiser Diesel a great choice?

I hope you will be able to form an opinion below by what you will read next. We suppose that V8 engine is the main highlight in the Toyota Land Cruiser Turbo Diesel. For those who don’t know it yet:

“In this engine, there are 8 cylinders fitted in the house of a crankshaft. These are set in a way that they can straightly face each other however there may be an angle difference sometimes. It is an important configuration of engine that generates high power”

This is the briefest we could tell about the V8 engine, so now you know that Toyota Land Cruiser Diesel is a car with a heavy duty performing engine under its bonnet. With respect to mileage and power generating and rough driving this can be the ultimate performing choice in the used SUV selections. Toyota is definitely a responsible manufacturer therefore other qualities like comfortable interiors are also supplied with the car.

The fuel tank of Toyota Land Cruiser Diesel is 4.5L huge. The performance of this car is estimated to be 195kW and 650Nm for about 1600 rev. The Toyota Land Cruiser Diesel is also paired with 6-speed automatic transmission and it is constantly a 4WD. The great pulling factor in such a heavy car makes the driving factor electrifying specially off the roads. While you are on motorways the car can be a bit noisy but inside the city it behaves as a gentleman.

The ride and handling of the car is not as starry as its power was. Since this is a huge sedan so there may be parking issues that you may face. In the interiors of the car there is an adjustable steering but the car controls that are spread widely on the dashboard are not accessible at ease. The cabin is reasonably spacious but only in case if all the seats are at their default settings. If the front passengers use their seat adjustment option the middle row passenger may have complains about lack of legroom. There is a suitable room for 7 people in the car and if the last row seats are folded the Toyota Land Cruiser can be a great cargo carrying buddy.

The special equipment of this Land Cruiser includes: 20 inch alloy wheels, keyless entry, climate control, DVD player, satellite based navigation system, sound system with 14 speakers and leather upholstery.

Author: Roger Abert is an IT professional and writer, editor at biggest Japanese Used vehicles Exporting Company SBT JAPAN. Follow him on Google+.

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