Top Most Interesting Chrome Extensions for Content

Google Chrome is considered the best browser for website browsing. It is fast and very reliable. Moreover, it saves your information automatically so that you don’t have to enter it again. You can say that it is the best source to save your time and energy as well. Recently 12 Google chrome extensions for content discovery have been introduced and they are very helpful if you know how to use them. Are you interested to know the details? If yes then the relevant content is mentioned below:

Pin Search
If you are tired of Pinterest pins, as they not properly sourced to you, then this extension will help you in finding what you are exactly looking for. This extension adds the “search” option to each pin in order to help you in finding relevant sources to your search.

Feedly Beta
If you are addicted to reader, this extension will be best for you. It is created by the RSS Reader Feedly and having a magazine like layout to access your newsfeed in a pleasant way.

RSS Subscription Extension
This is a way to access news for internet users. This chrome extension allows you to add the RSS feed of any webpage where it is compatible with bloglines and yahoo in order to give you the updated news on internet.

This extension allows you to start with StumbleUpon. You can simply type a word or phrase into the search bar and click stumble. You will be able to access numerous pages against that particular word. The best part is that this information you can also share with your friends and family.

Scrollbar extension allows you bookmarking in the long webpages. This tool can help you in navigating between the long sections of the webpages and saves your time without any doubt.

Mendeley Web Importer
This tool helps in saving the web page for the future record by just clicking on the bookmark link. You will not have to search for the website in the history of the browser, as you can simply go into the bookmark option to find the website, which you have already saved.

This extension makes it possible for the user to get information about the responses of people towards any content. You will get to know three emotional responses i.e. “amusement, funny, and anxious” within no time with the help of this mevoked web stream.

Who doesn’t like YouTube? This extension is helpful for everyone because you can access content discovery features, browse the comments on the video without scrolling down the page, and can also view the thumbnail view of the video with ease.

This extension is for the Tumblr users to make their browsing more efficient, as everyone can open the Tumblr page very easily by using this amazing extension.

This extension can save the work for you, which you have browsed on the internet. It is formerly known as read it later, which organizes everything in a folder for your future use. You can simply click the icon to find out the activities, which has been occurred during the entire day.

This extension relates the links, images, and photos for the blogging platforms such as Word Press, Tumblr, and blogger. If you want to write effective content then this will be the best extension to consider in order to activate on Google Chrome.

This extension shares the link with the people, who are added in the list of Spling account. You can enjoy sharing countless videos and content to read them together. You can say that it is more like a social extension.

In nutshell, Google Chrome extensions are designed to make things easier and to provide quicker access to content discovery. It will save your time without any doubt and you will enjoy the extensions for sure.

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