Three Things to Take Care of Before Leaving on Summer Vacation

You’ve booked your airline tickets, made your hotel reservations, and are ready for that vacation you’ve been planning for years now. Whether you’re planning a romantic stay in Paris or a sunny Caribbean cruise, there are a few things to consider doing before walking out the door for the airport.

Secure Your Home

Considering that most burglaries occur while the home owners are on vacation, you will want to take steps to secure your home while you are away. If you haven’t already installed a home security system, you may want to consider installing one before leaving for your vacation. You will want to install an alarm system far enough in advance of your departure to allow you time to learn how to use the system properly. Although there are some systems that do not need to be installed by a professional, most do need professional installation due to their complexity. You will want to show a trusted family member or neighbor how to use the system in case you need someone to enter your home while you are away. Make sure this person has a spare house key as well. Consider putting a few lights on a timer to keep your house from appearing to be empty.

Save on Your Utilities

Your absence will be a great time to save money on utilities, since there is no need to heat or cool your house while you are not home. According to a home security system in San Francisco, home automation systems can set these temperatures from remote locations in case you forget to do it before you leave. Set the thermostat higher in the summer and lower in the winter. Turn off the water valve if you will be leaving for an extended period of time. Check into having the newspaper held for longer absences.

Inform the Right People

For a long vacation, you will want to notify the post office to hold your mail for the time you are away. Make sure that a friend, family member or neighbor is informed of your travel plans, and can be reached in case of emergencies. This should be the same person who knows how to use your home security system. If you have plants that need to be watered or mail that needs to be collected while you are away, make sure that this person is informed.

Following these tips will make sure that your vacation is not only fun and memorable, but also safe and worry-free. Make sure that you come back from your next trip well rested, and with your house ready to welcome you home!

Author Bio: Annette Hazard is a freelance blogger that usually writes about home issues and is currently promoting Albuquerque home automation.

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