The New Age Superheroes Can Protect Your Cars From Being Hacked

Are you a little thrilled on reading my title? Wondering who the new age superheroes are? Then read on for your car can be the next in the hit list and you will be in need of ethical hackers very soon. I promise to be brief and you will enjoy every bit of this reading ride. The new age superheroes are none but ethical hackers who can actually protect your car from being hacked. Before I start off with car hacking I will like to bring carjackers to the lime light.

Carjacking is an old concept and is soon to be out of business because this is the new era of car hackers. The term carjacking evolved from the words car and its hijacking. Watched the Hollywood film carjacked that came out in the year 2011? The story revolves around a single mother and her child who get carjacked. Director John Bonito and writer Michael Compton and Sherry Compton have done a brilliant job in bringing forth the concept of carjacking and to spread awareness to the mass. But the movie ends with the moral that all evil ends with good and carjacking and car hacking can be put to cease with ethical hacking.

Carjacking is one of the major problems even today in countries like Canada that is a sprawling business hub. Carjacking is considered to be a federal crime in countries like Canada and is on the rise but has changed its form and dimension to car hacking. More than hundred of cars are jacked every year in Canada as reported by the US Department of justice. However there are no official reports of car hacking till date.

Several countries have come up with the ethical hacking courses to combat illegal car hackers and to ensure safety and security. Courses on ethical hacking are gaining huge response in countries like India and even in the overseas countries. And a large number of students are enrolling themselves in Indian school of ethical hacking. It has also set up several certified ethical hacker training centers in Calcutta.

Modern cars and automobiles are well equipped and are more dependent on electronic devices. This has made automobiles and motor-vehicles more prone and excessively vulnerable to car hackers. Most of us are unaware that the in-built micro processors and the software loaded in cars have made it easier for hackers to penetrate into and remotely possess the car.

How a car can be hacked?

  • Researchers at the University of Washington have shown how Controller Area Network (CAN) system (installed on all new cars) can be hacked. CAN is used to diagnose the problems in a car.
  • Researchers connected the car via computer port (On-Board Diagnostics-II) using Car Shark program and took control of the CAN.
  • By injecting malicious program into the CAN a hacker can take control Car’s break system, and within 60 seconds they can shut off the engine and lock the door.
  • In another recent event in California researchers have given a live demonstration on how to inject a malicious device called Car Shark through the port in order to take over the vital systems of the car.
  • Malwares and Trojans can get installed through your car’s stereo system, CD players and MP3 when connected and can jam the car’s brakes and can remotely access the car’s computer systems.
  • A car can also be hacked through its Bluetooth system, climate control and Global Positioning System.
  • All the modern cars are designed with auto-lock mechanisms. The doors of a car get automatically locked when the engine is started and gets again automatically unlocked if the air-bags are released in an emergency. This auto-lock mechanism of a car can be breached to remotely access a car.
  • The telecommunication and informatics has been clubbed together to device the Telematic Systems of automobile vehicles. A car hacker uses this Telematic system to hack and remotely access a car.

Experts are of the opinion that you can secure your car by implementing the same devices or the same security protocols that you use to secure your laptop and your smart phones. And to make it hack proof get a good professional ethical hacker.

Author Bio:- Kylie Taylor Is a consistent web article writer and gives authentic information on certified ethical hacker training centers in Kolkata and courses on ethical hacking. You can get a complete guide for studying ethical hacking and details of courses from ethical hacking institute.

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