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Summer ’13 brings with it a wave of fresh seasonal colour and culturally inspired design.

It can be tricky to update your jewel collection from throughout the year but one of the easiest ways to refresh your gem style is to pick up on the season’s most sophisticated jewellery styles and covetable colours.

One of this year’s stand-out summer pieces is the emerald ring.
With its rich colour and renowned beauty, May’s birthstone presents a striking piece when set within a statement ring and its association with mother-nature ensures it acquires the admiration it deserves.

The emerald hues compliment nature-inspired florals for a feminine daytime look, as well as being able to create a dramatic touch of colour against an all-black evening look. With that level of versatility, transitional accessorising is made easier and day to night looks can be seamlessly put together.

Combined beautifully with topaz, peridot and sterling silver; emerald pieces express timeless style with a hint of current influence and their vibrancy is perfectly suited to the Summer season.

Whether you’re after a contemporary-style statement ring or a more refined delicate piece, the leafy tones of emerald are also fittingly refelective of this Summers catwalk-inspired floral trend.

In addition to the classic beauty of the emerald ring, a subtler Summer statement can be made using the light tones of a sapphire ring.

Often a signifier of elegance and good luck, the sapphire has many positive connotations that are echoed through its uplifting beauty. These scenic-inspired golden hues are reminiscent of idyllic Summer weather and will look great with chic dress and sandal combo’s.

In Summery light tones, a sapphire statement ring will offset a Sun tan and pastel nails perfectly.

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