Small Expenditure Cuts Lead To Big Savings For Your Business

The tough economic climate at the moment means businesses are trying to save money wherever they can, often with small to medium sized businesses they will make the major mistake of trying to either cut marketing & advertising spending or let go of members of staff as this makes a big initial saving on their annual budget. The problem with this is that the level of service will go down and you are far less likely to be able to get out of the trouble you are in because you aren’t advertising and trying to bring new clients in. When you have the money you have to invest it in marketing, that is the key to business, always trying to get more customers through the doors, it doesn’t matter if you have £10 in the bank or £1million.

On the other hand savings do need to be made, there is no denying that but there are other ways of going about it. Get a piece of paper and a pen and walk around your office/store, look at all of the wasted electricity being used, the premium brands of toilet paper, drinks, stationary etc.. and write them all down. When you have a list created go online and check out what price you could be getting them for if you got the cheapest available. Taking something as simple as ink cartridges and toner, if you buy toner directly from the manufacturer you will be paying premium prices of around £60-£80 for it. If on the other hand you were to buy your black cartridges of toner from a cheap cartridge retailers then you would pay as little as £27.50 for it.

Individually these saving don’t seem like much, its £10 here, £20 there, but if you add them all up over the course of a year you are talking about thousands of pounds that could be better spent on marketing to try and inject some life in to your company. Of course there are cases when small saving simply won’t do and you may have to move to smaller offices or let a few members of staff go but on the whole as long as you start early enough and don’t let things get too bad then this should work out well for you.

Remember as well that by becoming more ‘green’ it is not only a selling point to potential customers but also a way of saving money yourself. Low energy light bulbs are a must in offices now, the savings are simply too big to ignore.

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