Simple men’s fashion tips that can make an effective impact

Most men do not care much for fashion and most of the time they just get dressed in whatever they grab first from the closet. But it does not have to be that way. If you do not like spending too much time on fashion that is OK. But there are many simple steps a man can take that will make a huge impact and also will bring the attention of the ladies.

Colour plays a very effective role in men’s clothing. Each colour can project a different personality for the person who wears it and if you get advantage of this you can make a huge impact for your personality. For the office environment the best colours are Black, Navy Blue and Charcoal Grey. Inadvertently those colour give a very classy business like look and enhances your personality in the office environment. You can decide which colour you prefer and that goes well with your personality. When you choose the colour you can choose the matching shoes. That way you can limit the number of shoes you own instead of buying several shoes to match each colour of business attire. The same goes for the accessories. You can minimise the number of accessories you use as well.

Always wear the colour that goes well with your complexion. Just because your favourite movie star or sportsman wears a particular colour do not follow that trend as that colour may not bring the best of you. If you have a lighter complexion or lighter hair colour, always avoid wearing pale colours such as yellow or white. Or your face will not be highlighted from your clothes. Instead you can go for earthy colours so they will finely blend with your light complexion.

Colour co-ordination is another area lots of men go wrong. Try to wear the shirt or the T-shirt that perfectly matches the pair of jeans or the trouser you wear. If you are not sure take a good look at the dummies that are dressed in the men’s stores. Those are dressed by professional designers who know what they are doing. Notice the colour combination and the accessories used for the dummies. Once you follow those guidelines it will naturally come to you and you will be able to do the colour combination by yourself. Another way to have some guidance for colour combination is referring to the men’s fashion magazines or online fashion stores.

Even though do not pay much notice for what you wear, others pay a lot of attention to the way you are dressed and will judge your character from that. That is why it is vital to pay much attention. Whether it is office wear or casual wear follow these simple rules. Even you will notice how the others react to you when you are dressed well.

Being dressed well does not mean that one has to spend lots of money and buy the most expensive clothes from the high fashion stores. If you have the means to do that that is OK. But in general being dressed well means choosing the clothes that fits you well and complement your body that enhances your personality.

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