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Retro chic is a bona fide trend; influencing a strong, defined sense of style. Carey Mulligan’s character, Daisy Buchanan, in The Great Gatsby has heightened the 1920’s trend recently. The retro chic look is now more popular than ever, with ever woman wanting to own a piece of timeless jewellery. The Great Gatbsy film has re-opened many eyes to this style era and adorns a fresh, modern take on the retro look.

Debbie Harry, Gwen Stefani and Dita Von Teese are just some of celebrities that embrace the retro chic look. Think bold lips, quaffed hair, classic beauty and lashings of jewellery. Creating the 1920’s inspired look is all about the detail; touches of glamour and opulence take it from a revival to modernised finish.
One of the easiest and most glamorous ways to achieve the retro chic look is by wearing a gorgeous silver ring . Jewellery during this iconic era was beautiful, feminine and intricate, and when it came to the gemstones, bigger was better. With that in mind, this collection of silver rings injects an instant retro chic demeanour to any outfit.

A Mercury mystic topaz & white topaz sterling silver ring (£46) has the sparkle factor for a special occasion; the stunning topaz captures a wealth of light and the wide setting ensures it still falls under the statement category.
The champagne and black diamond sterling silver ring (£172) encompasses the chic feel of the genre with its curved lines, vintage feel and almost monochrome contrasting.

Whereas the etheopian opal sterling silver ring (£58) provides a more contemporary statement feel with its bold design and striking sapphires.
With this collection, the desireable Great Gatsby look is well within reach, add pearls to your outfit for the ultimate statement look. Whether she wants to make a statement or wants to adorn the vintage look these stand-alone pieces will create the Gatsby style every woman adores.

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