Next-Gen console war: Microsoft revealed Next Xbox on May 21

The date when the next-gen console war revealed is May 21. Everybody was waiting for this announcement, especially since Xbox 360 was such a success. The press was recently informed about the date when the company decided to reveal the schedule. The event will take place in Redmond, Washington, at the Microsoft Headquarters, start at 10 AM PST and will be streamed live on, Spike TV and Xbox Live.

Major Nelson, Microsoft’s spokesperson stated in a blog post that the team can’t wait to show the world the project they’ve been working on lately.

Everybody expects this meeting to put anend to thousands of speculations regarding the specs and features of the upcoming system. More exactly, gamers are dying to know whether the system will require an internet connection that’s “always-on”. This issue has already caused so much controversy that even a high-profile Microsoft employee has lost his job because of it.

The other rumors about features aren’t so combative. Rumor has it that the system will have the ability to take control of your set-top box and relate with the TV, while the controller-free functionality of the console will be certainly improved with the latest version of Kinect camera with motion-sensors. The final technical specifications of the system could also be revealed on this event (the last time, it was rumored that the system will be provided with a 1.6 GHz 8-core processor, a built-in drive for Blu-Ray and 8 GB of RAM.

Microsoft surely considers the month of May very special, taking into consideration that the Xbox 360 was announced on May 12, 2005. The new date, May 21, is just a couple of weeks before the E3 convention which will take place in Los Angeles. Microsoft will probably reveal their new hardware at the press conference of this convention, along with plenty of other software.

The reveal marks the end of the current-generation game cycle which has pleased gamers for the last seven years and the beginning of a new one. Nintendo has already made the transition to next-gen games with its new system Wii U, while the PlayStation 4 (created by Sony) and the new Xbox revealed in February will probably arrive on the market these days.

Larry Hryb, Microsoft’s director of programming (also known as Major Nelson by gamers) displayed a countdown to the expected event in a blog post of the company and stated that everyone will see it live on Xbox Live, Spike TV and

Hryb also mentioned that the announcement made by Microsoft at its headquarter in Redmond will represent the beginning of a long-expected new generation of TV, entertainment and games. However, he also added that Microsoft won’t give out every small detail related to the console, the company wanting to whet the appetites of gamers first.

Hryb continued by saying that the full details will be revealed in June at the Electronic Entertainment Expo belonging to the game industry.

The show that will take place this year will probably be very exciting, considering that both Sony and Microsoft are giving more details to consumers about their next-gen consoles. The PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 have been around for several years, so gamers all over the world are curious to see how these devices will be updated in order to suit the new game trends.

Sony revealed the initial plans for the new PlayStation (the forth) in February, when they promised that the console will be socially focused, allowing players to keep in touch not only in games, but also outside of them. Besides, the company also stated that the PlayStation 4 will feature a wide range of other entertainment options, apart from games.

As far as Microsoft’s new project is concerned, little is known about its features. However, the company has made it clear that it’s currently searching for new methods to increase the role of the Xbox in people’s living rooms.

In fact, even Microsoft executives claimed that their plan is to turn this console into the entertainment center of every household.

Nowadays it’s essential that consoles feature several uses because mobile gaming is getting a bigger share of this market.

The analysis firm IDC revealed that their new report found out that the number of both tablet and smartphone gamers who are willing to pay in order to receive games will exceed that of gamers who play on handheld gaming devices like 3DS or PlayStation Vita.

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