Live Website Support Ensures the Success of a New Product Launch

Joan Schneider and Julie Hall, co-authors of the Most Memorable New Product Launch, claim many manufactures are so busy designing new products that don’t consider the difficulty of convincing customers to switch companies. Over the years, they’ve consulted brand managers and entrepreneurs who sought help launching their “revolutionary product”. When they asked for the research supporting their claims, they were told, “We haven’t done the research yet, but we know anecdotally that it works and is totally safe.” This half-baked response will most likely ensure a product launch fail than a success. A leading market research firm reports that 75% of consumer packaged goods and retail products fail to meet their first-year sales goals. Even companies that exceed their first-year sales are not guaranteed longevity. Colgate Simply White and Saran Disposable Cutting Sheets are examples of products that disappeared from the market despite launching successfully.

Informational Content is better than a Celebrity Endorser

Number of factors can cause short-lived success. Take for example P&G. They hired Shania Twain, a country pop singer-songwriter, to be the brand ambassador of Febreze Scentstories. The scent player failed because customers did not understand the connection between music and scents. WebGreeter, provider of live website support, believes Febreze Scentstories would have become successful if P&G used a strong educational campaign instead. R&D teams would have done a better job eliminating ambiguity. Outside experts, in the form of live chat operators, could have also been used to broadcast the advantage of the new product. Live customer service chat enables real-time interaction. It would have helped prospective customers overcome their hesitation.

Give Customers a Try

At the same time, companies should be open to letting customers try new products. Debra Kaye, brand and culture strategist and partner at Lucule, advises business owners to promote “trial-ability”. Samples, giveaways and store demonstrations give customers a general idea what your product is about. These tried-and-true techniques are in line with “the easier something is to try, the faster customers will want to buy it”. Online businesses can encourage ‘trial-ability” by offering tempting “buy one get one” deals or by using strong call-to-action phrases such as “Sign Up for Free Trial or “Attend a Free Webinar”. Although, other compelling call-to-action phrases come to mind, business owners should use live website support to encourage visitors to respond to them.

Live Chat Encourages Users to Act upon CTA Phrases

By signing up for live customer service chat, e-retailers get a customizable online chat box and chat button on their website. Once the look-and-feel of both components is modified, customer service representatives (CSRs) are appointed to live chat with website visitors. They welcome guests upon arrival and use a built-in web analytic feature to assess site usage. If online metrics reveal trouble, a proactive chat invitation is sent to sort the matter out. Chat representatives ask strategic questions to learn about the troubling matter. They can then explain the new product category and the benefit of acting upon the call-to-action phrases.


E-retailers can use live customer service chat on their website. Offered by WebGreeter, online customer support helps customers learn more about a newly launched product category. Operators use a one-on-one discussion to resolve confusion and to act upon enticing CTA phrases.

Author Bio: Jack Martin is a Marketing Executive at LiveAdmins. Established in 2002, LiveAdmins LLC helps businesses by providing live website support for improved online service and support. Businesses can benefit from quality feedback along with improved visitor experience and business repute. We help our clients improve conversions (online sales) and improve product offering. Available in languages like English, French, German, Arabic and Spanish, LiveAdmins’ Live customer service chat is a comprehensive solution for your business.

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