Important Plugins To Install On Your WordPress Themed Site

WordPress remains one of the most powerful freeware tools for amateur bloggers, professional web designers, and everyone in between. It offers an easy, affordable, and comprehensive system to create successful sites, and many website owners will want to begin with these popular WordPress plugins to make their pages as safe, ergonomic, and attractive is possible.

Ultimate Google Analytics
No matter the final goal of one’s site, it is all about finding the right demographics, and this starts with Google Analytics. Ultimate Google Analytics is easy to install onto a WordPress site and will immediately send data to this powerful Google tool. For those that would like to acquire data about their own dedicated web server hosting, this plugin will help to display information such as the loading speed of web pages.

Better WP Security
Security should be the primary concern of any web designer or admin of a website. This plugin not only provides some of the basic tools such as relocating the login page for admins, it also provides an easy-to-reference checklist of common security threats. Once the plugin has been installed, users can quickly check the vulnerability of any pages on their site with a single click and search function.

WordPress SEO by Yoast
The WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast has become one of the most popular options for site optimization and is even used by world-renowned companies. For every page or post on the site, the plugin will run the admin through a checklist for optimization tools and offer suggestions for improvement. Yoast also provides an excessive amount of tutorials for everything from installation to site optimization

Automatic Updater
Updating and protecting the information on a website is just as important as finding reliable website hosting services. Those that fail to keep their site operational and their data safe will often find themselves slipping down the ranks of search engines as well as losing valuable traffic. Automatic Updater is a streamlined and simplified plugin that carries out one simple function: to backup all website pages, media files, and other forms of data to a cloud server. You can visit to learn more about website hosting services and the advantages of dedicated web server hosting.

WP SpamFree
One of the major downfalls of WordPress site is the huge amount of attacks that could take place. From dedicated attacks on a login page to spam posts, every website owner should be on their guard. While the CAPTCHA method is often seen as a viable layer of security, WP SpamFree virtually eliminates

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