Grand Theft Auto V; Designed to Thrill the Senses

With the gaming community already geared up for the imminent release of next-generation consoles, the thought of a major game developing company designing a major release for this generation of gaming consoles—PS3, Xbox360 etc.—is absurd but this apparently did not deter Rockstar from setting a launch date –9/17/2013—for its record breaking game, Grand theft Auto V, and the hullabaloo coming from the gaming community is that the GTAV, will make gamers forget about the next generation games. But how through are these claims?

Grand Theft Auto V: A Review

The game play takes place in the fictional Los Santos and it provides gamers with the opportunity to participate in the world of Los Santos, with three characters namely Trevor, Michael, and Franklin who all possess very different abilities, characters, life style and personalities.

The Playable Characters

  • Trevor: Is a balding man who handles his business in ways similar to that of a sociopath who has no regards for society with a healthy love of money—a dangerous mix of human character
  • Michael: happens to be a family man with a taste for the fast life, which he tasted while robbing banks while,
  • Franklin: is a character with the sharpness and innate intuition of a wheel man—he simply gets the job done as quietly and quickly as possible

Playable Roles and Storylines

Like its previous versions, Rockstar provides players with two gaming modes which are: playing competitive roles, and just plain freewheeling—exploring GTA’s environment possibilities. The competitive roles involve playing as one of the listed characters with a view to completing set objectives while as a free-wheeler you can:

  • Explore the Rugged Plains: gamers can play the rugged bike man, sky diver, while interacting with real wildlife—and by interact, I mean kill—test the limit of different vehicles in a very realistic environment. The scenery available in the GTAV, largely out classes other versions and it is second to none, when compared with other adventure/action games.
  • Explore the Oceans: another first is your ability to adorn the professional wear of a scuba diver and sinking under water, to explore the ancient civilization of Los Santos. Get ready to explore sunken vessels, equipment of war while watching out for the predators of the sea—namely white sharks!
  • Finders Keepers/The Good Samaritan: GTAV took its realistic game play modes to the next level for it enables gamers to; steal/take more than just vehicles, help the poor by giving the regular hobos on the street a dollar or two, while also saving celebrities from the paparazzi. The paparazzi scene sees you zooming in to steal a celebrity been mobbed by stubborn paparazzi.
  • Enjoy Yoga: GTAV finally allows you to increase your exercise repertoire—of just walking and running—by accommodating yoga lessons for gamers. You can pick up yoga as a peaceful way to channel your youthful exuberance, instead of robbing stores/ATMs, killing and just been a plain nuisance.

An assorted array of weapons mixed with fast cars can also be un-earthed and used to devastating effect by you as you intensify your battle with the law. But why not embrace the peaceful alternative of purchasing stores, construction businesses and becoming the most famous entrepreneur of San Andreas.

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