Get a Second Date: The Top 5 Tips for an Exciting First Date

Dating comes with its own brand of excitement. To keep it exciting in a good way rather than turning into performance anxiety, we can keep a few things in mind before and during our first dates. Following are the top five tips that will leave your date wanting more.

Let Your Personality Shine

No one wants to date a boring person. Chances are you are a vibrant and interesting person and your date deserves the opportunity to see that side of you. While you don’t want to spend all evening gushing over yourself, you definitely want to give the impression that you are someone worth getting to know. Don’t be afraid to share your passions and hobbies in a positive light. A first date is a time to show how you stand out from the crowd.

Show Interest

At the same time, you want to show interest in your date. Part of the beauty of being someone who is unafraid to be brilliant is that others feel more radiant around you. Ask appropriate, insightful questions that reflect your interest in your date. Don’t interrogate, but definitely let your date know that you are interested in learning more.

Express Yourself

We all feel validated and relieved when we know our date is having fun. Show your date that you are enjoying yourself and be warm toward the person. While you would not want to be disrespectful of personal boundaries, a light touch on the arm every now and then may show that you are approachable. Everyone has their preferences regarding physical contact, but if the date is going well, make an effort to convey that.

Keep It Fun

No one wants to hear about your dental problems or your last horrible date. Steer the conversation in the direction of fun and light topics. Laughing is a great bonding activity, but make sure you stay focused on your date enough to know when it’s time to talk about something new. You don’t want to get caught extolling the virtues of another cool denim brand while your date drums fingers on the table.

Have a Plan

You need to know where you’re going in life and be able to articulate it to your date. Share your aspirations, including the desire for a second date. The easier it is for you to express where you are headed, the easier it will be for your date to envision going there with you. Ultimately, that is what it’s about.

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