Four of the Most Home and Family-Friendly Dog Breeds

If you have a family, choosing a pet can be a difficult task. With a house full of people, certain pets may not be the most suitable for your home’s environment. In particular, families with small children may not be compatible with many common household pets.

With the family home in mind, these breeds of dogs make for excellent family-friendly pets. In order to find a friendly and loving pet to greet you when you come home, consider one of the following dog breeds.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are a breed of dog with great patience and a high energy level, according to Caesar’s Way. These characteristics make the Golden Retriever perfect for parents who are looking for a pet for their children. Golden Retrievers are loyal and love to play for hours on end. Their patient nature also means they aren’t likely to bite your children or display aggression. Also, they don’t tend to become nervous or agitated among groups of people.

Bull Terrier

Bull Terriers make for excellent family pets because of their calm nature. Their ability to avoid getting worked up in a busy household is a bonus for the family seeking a suitable pet. This is another dog breed that is considered to be very compatible with children. This stems from their high energy level, playfulness and ability to handle roughhousing.

German Shepherd

While on the larger end of the spectrum, the German Shepherd presents itself as a great family pet due to its obedience and loyalty. The German Shepherd makes for an excellent guard dog to protect you and your family in your luxury home. Their athletic build also makes them excellent dogs to play with in the backyard and to take for walks in the park.


While not very well known, the Vizsla originated as a Hungarian hunting dog and makes for an excellent family pet. This is a patient, quiet and affectionate mid-sized dog your kids will love.

The Vizsla’s gentle nature ensures your kids won’t annoy it to the point of showing aggression, and this allows your children to develop a loving relationship with your new pet. Their high level of intelligence and obedience also allows you to train the Vizsla with ease, eliminating the chance of any detrimental behavioral issues.

While dogs are a very common pet choice, certain breeds aren’t compatible with large groups of people or families. In order to find a dog to suit your family, do some research and select a breed known for its gentle and loving nature. Also, be sure to choose a breed that won’t mind the high level of activity commonly associated with a family home.

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