Four Ideas for Advertising With Your Clothing

Among the many marketing strategies available to businesses, the personal touch of clothing is exceptional. The unique draw of promotional clothing is that the advertisement is worn personally, in the presence of the customer. A personal item such as clothing is able to bring its message materially closer to its audience than any sign or image can.

Sales enterprises apply several approaches to the use of clothing in promotion. In defining a company’s identity for on-site customers, the staff uniform is a popular mainstay. In a store or office, the visitor’s recognition and respect for the company’s home base are heightened through this approach. When staff members attend meetings, sports events, fairs, trade shows and charity functions, the company logo brings its identity to the attention of others. Displayed on shirts, ties, hats and other items, the design and features of this unique symbol focus attention on the company and its offerings.

Staff uniforms worn off-site can be targeted to potential buyer groups. Uniform ties may vary according to business convention, sports event or other function. Jeans with pocket logos may be appropriate to those for whom they are a favored wardrobe item. Business target groups may respond to appropriate shirt and blouse styles and decorations, or to fancy polo shirts for casual wear. The factor common to all is the company logo, comprised of pattern, colors and message. The message is most effective when it includes the company’s website, address or telephone number.

A company’s offer of promotional clothing to customers can be seen as a distinct marketing advantage. Some reward the frequent purchaser; others gift the customer next in line to a specified number of store visitors. Whether it is a polo shirt, hat or other small clothing item, the wearable reward with its definitive logo can serve as a frequent promotional reminder to the customer and his/her contacts.

The strategies described here for using clothing to advertise a business are summed up in the following four suggestions:

1- Use staff uniforms with logos on site.

2- Diversify staff uniforms for trade shows, sports events and other functions according to projected audience.

3- Gift every 100th (variable) customer with a small gift of clothing which displays the company logo.

4- Present the above-described gift as a reward to customers who have made 50 (variable) purchases.

These clothing strategies can bring the power of the personal touch to every promotional package.

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