Five Home Repairs to Take Care of During Warm Weather

Home maintenance and repair can be made more difficult or dangerous by bad weather. For this reason, warm weather is a great time to take care of certain home repairs and protect the value of your property. Here are five tasks to tackle while the weather is fair and agreeable.

Gutter Cleaning and Repair

Trying to do this task with snow or ice on the ground can be dangerous and uncomfortable. Ice build-up and high winds will also work against you. Once the weather breaks, this job can be done quickly and easily.

Roof Repairs

Climbing around on a roof in the winter is a terrible idea. You could slip on ice and fall off, or the wind could scatter your roofing materials. Use the good weather in spring and summer to make minor roof repairs so you don’t end up with a huge problem next winter.

Fixing Your Steps

Whether concrete, plank or another material altogether, your outside steps take a lot of abuse. Warm weather means that you can rebuild them at your leisure, without worrying about snow, ice or frostbite. You will be able to concentrate on the task without rushing to get it done, which means sturdier, safer steps for your family and guests.

Repairing Shingles or Siding

You do not want to try this in cold weather, especially if you get a lot of wind or snow. Depending on the materials covering your home, you may be working with epoxy, nails or large pieces of siding. Warmer weather will allow you to do the job right the first time and save yourself money in the process. Damaged siding and shingles can cost you a lot in lost heating and cooling, so fix these things while the weather in cooperative.

Plumbing Work

While most outside projects require warmer weather, inside projects than involve plumbing are also best done during spring or summer as well. In warmer weather, you will not have to worry about your pipes freezing. It is also easier to dig outside if you discover a problem with the pipes running into or out of your home. Whether it’s sink installation Milwaukee or adding a powder room to the first floor, making any changes to your home’s plumbing is easier in warm weather.

While winter may be the perfect time to install built-in bookshelves or re-wire a room, these tasks are best done during the spring and summer. Take advantage of the season to complete these projects with a minimum of difficulties or setbacks.

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