Five Boat Safety Tips For Winter

Keeping your boat safe through the winter months will help your boat last longer than it would otherwise. The harsh weather conditions of a typical winter can be enough to ruin a boat in many ways. Here are five boat safety tips for the winter season. 

Use Lubricant

Keeping your boat well lubricated throughout the winter monthsallows it to look shiny and new even after years of use. WD-40 is a lubricant that many boat owners use to keep the gears and electrical connections from becoming rusted. The metal trailer frame of your boat also needs to be kept lubricated so it does not get rusty. Spraying lubricant on your boat will also protect the outer surface of the boat. Before wintertime you should sand, prime and then paint your boat to help it survive the winter.

Avoid Parking Under Trees

Parking your boat under trees for the duration of the winter can ultimately do more harm than good. During the winter it is not uncommon for snow and ice to collect on a tree’s branches. If the snow and ice cause a tree branch to break off and hit your boat, the boat will become damaged. Pine needles and leaves falling from trees can also damage your boat cover. If leaves and pine needles work their way into your boat they have the potential to block the boat’s drain holes.

Secure Your Boat Tightly

If you choose to park your boat in your driveway for the duration of the winter it needs to be as far away from the street as possible. You should install a lock on the hitch of your boat’s trailer because will make it hard for someone to steal it.

Maintain The Tires

Aside from making it harder to steal your boat, removing the boat’s tires for the winter can prevent them from becoming damaged and unusable when spring comes. The sun can damage your boat’s tires and sunlight is a stronger force during the winter than some boat owners realize. If you can’t or don’t want to remove the tires from your boat, rest them on plywood for the winter. This will prevent them from getting dry and rotting. You should also cover the tires with a plastic bag because this will help keep the breaks dry. If you move your trailer a few times throughout the winter you can avoid having your tires get flat.

Keep Water Drained

Try to store your boat with the bow pointing upwards. This will let water drain from the boat during the winter. You can do this by putting a small block under the jack of your trailer. Be sure to take the drain plug out and put it in a secure place so you can find it come spring.

For more tips on keeping your boat safe through the winter months you can consult yachting news by Onboard Online. They will help you preserve your boat for the winter.

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