One great place to go for a holiday exploration in the world must be Cambodia. Located in the South East part of Asia, this tourist jewel gives travelers the opportunity to explore unique sites and attractions. The unique thing here includes historical sites, excellent accommodations, wonderful people and cuisine. For those travelling from America to Visit Cambodia, then they have to make use of the ESTA online visa application program. With this online program, visitors get their travel documents within a short time. This also helps when it comes to the screening for the travelers in the US.

The PreahVihear

A traveler who wants to explore the site sin Cambodia must find time to visit the PreahVihear. This is a temple site located at the top of Dangrek Mountains. Among all the temple sites, this one presents as the most unique sites because of its 12th century designs. For the most religious people, this temple presents a dedication to the Shiva Hindu goddess.

Silva Pagoda

The Silva Pagoda is a composition of national treasure inside the Royal Palace in Penh Phnom. At the site, visitors will sample out nationalized treasures like the golden Buddha gold statues. Among the national treasures to watch here includes the Emerald Buddha built in the 17th century. Visitors will also enjoy watching and interacting with the golden and diamond mixed Maitreya Buddha. Inside this building, visitors will enjoy watching the colored walls interiors showcasing the Myth of Ramayana.

Sihanoukville port town

Among the top listed sites visitors find time to visit is the Sihanoukville beach. This place has remained synonymous because of the white sand beaches. In addition this beach town has a warm climate and water making it a must visit town site. While at the beach front, enjoy delicious sea foods, get into the snorkeling and scuba diving trips or simply relax at the beach. Though not a very old town, visitors coming here will also see the modern port with the attractions like docking ships.

Bokor Hill Station

For those travelers who want to have a ghost experience, then they have to visit the Bokor Station. This site represents old abandoned buildings with a ghost feeling. This place has undergone transformation after the invasions by the Japanese twice. Apart from seeing the aging building, visitors can have the chance to take part in the local hiking.


This site is an important attraction to visitors in Cambodia. It was the capital center for the Khmer kingdom. Currently, the center offers a chance to visitors to enjoy the gothic architecture and designed structures. The temple measure 98 ft tall makes it taller than the surrounding jungle. Here, the visitors sampling this wonderful Cambodia site will also have the chance to see the mythical half man and the half bird creatures. These have been carved into stone blocks. This has become a unique site because of the remoteness and inaccessibility making it fun to reach the site. However the area has been opened up for visitors as a result of human activities opening different roads to the area.

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