Everyday Money Saving Tips

Everybody loves a bargain but did you know just how easy it is to save money with little or no effort? With just a small amount of time and planning, and access to a phone or computer, you can save money everyday – sometimes without even realising! And in these cash-strapped times, that’s got to be an attractive proposition for anyone.

Here are four of our top tips for easy, everyday money saving.

1. Cashback credit card
Apply for a cashback credit card and use it for all of your regular monthly spending – food, petrol, travelcards, cinema tickets, anything. If you have a cashback card that earns you 1% and you spend £1000 each month, that’s £10 earned just by spending your money a different way. Do be aware, however, that some credit card transactions can incur a fee which will cancel out the cashback you could earn. It’s also important to remember that this tip only works if you are diligent and pay your outstanding balance in full each month – if you incur interest, that will cancel out any cashback you make.

2. Cashback websites
An increasingly popular way to earn money as you shop is to use a cashback website such as Quidco.com or Topcashback.co.uk. These sites enable you to earn back a percentage of your spending from a variety of online retailers or by using a designated credit card in a number of high street stores. For the sake of a couple of minutes of searching, there are some big savings to be made and not just on everyday items – bigger purchases such as roadside assistance, phone and broadband deals can all be found with significant cashback sums available.

3. Price comparison apps
With most shoppers now having access to a smartphone, there are a range of price comparison apps that allow you to check the best prices of any product you are looking to buy. Simply scan the barcode using the camera on your phone and you will be shown a list of retailers selling the same product and the prices they are currently selling it for. You can then choose whether to buy the product in store or order it online. This information is particularly useful if you are in a shop that offers some form of price-matching deal.

4. Comparison websites
How often do you check your car insurance policy? So many drivers simply accept the renewal price that their company sends them each year but now, with so many comparison websites available, it’s possible to save a large sum of money for a small investment of your time. All you need to do is spend a few minutes filling in your details and the site will bring up a huge range of policies and prices from companies across the market.

It’s really important that your insurance company has the correct information so if your circumstances have recently changed, for example, you are no longer using your car for business purposes, make sure that information is recorded. Many people make huge savings simply by changing their insurance company, but always make sure you are comparing like-for-like and that the details offered by the new, cheaper, policy offer the same level of cover as your existing deal.

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