Encouraging Kids to Read this Summer

It is that time of the year again when reading usually takes a backseat to other activities, and on the top of the list of course is swimming.
Kids ditch their books for some a stroll by the beach. Or spend so much time in front of gaming consoles, iPads or any gadget they could get hold of.

It’s okay to let the kids relax since school is over. But still, summer season is not an excuse to let reading slide happen just that. Because chances are, come the time classes resume, you will again have a hard time convincing the kids dig deep into their books.

So this summer, aside from outdoor activities you planned with the kids, ensure to as well include reading exercises on your itinerary.

Create a reading corner.
You need not enlist the help of contractors for this one. You can always use recycled materials, or anything you can find within the household.

As long as you know the kind of environment that makes the kids tick then you are off to a good start. Use one corner in their bedroom, or at yours.The rule of thumb is to make the space as inviting as possible for the young ones.

Decorate it with their favorite cartoon characters. If you must make it appear as though you are camping together, complete with christmas lights to make-believe as stars and blankets as tents, then do so. Then pick books on subjects they find interesting and position them within reach.

Voila! There goes a mini library for the kids that double as playstation, too!

Set reading goals.
Create a list of books to read, not just “write my essay” rule, then come up with a list of corresponding prizes every time they finish reading a book.
Encourage them to read as much by allowing them more special prizes once they accomplish more. Rewards do not have to be costly. A simple walk at the park with dad and their pooch will do. Or perhaps, you cooking their favorite pasta for dinner.

This shall make reading activities more exciting and interesting for them. But take it easy, make sure that they as well look forward to the stories, and not just the snacks or trips waiting for them.

Join summer reading programs.
Visit the community library with the kids. Let them sign up for their own card.
There may be summer reading programs for the kids and all you have to present is a proof that you are from the area. Kids shall love the socials. They are to meet new playmates and learn new stuff. They will not have to read books on their own. They have someone to read books aloud with them aside from you.

And above all, you earn a bonus. You get to buy time to work on few errands while they are busy.

Walk the talk.
Practice what you preach. Your kids are likely to get into the reading habit if they see that you are on it to. Show them how interested and happy you are when you are reading.

Most important, allow them choose books. Never push them read something you think will serve them best. This might not be the best time to convince them prioritize books on writing, for instance. Anticipate them choosing reading materials on lighter, more relaxed topics.

Be there to guide them though. And again, let them have the final say.

Now who says ghost tales are necessary to push kids to read? You need not resort to instilling fear. Always incorporate the fun factor so they wouldn’t think of reading as daunting.

Author Bio:
Nettie Gray always wished to own a library. The only problem she encounters is losing track of books she lends her friends. There’s no problem with sharing, it’s forgetfulness she’s having a hard time dealing with.

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