There was once a phase when all those who were strictly vegan were sceptical about this simple revolution to the food item that everyone loved, regardless of age – or even insulin levels!

However, times have in fact changed and here’s the vegetarian version to everyone’s favourite dessert – cake!

Just what you can actually do to a little flour, sugar and butter; amazing, isn’t it?

  • Preparation time: 20-25 minutes.
  • Baking time: 30 minutes.
  • Ingredients that are required:


(i) 1 and ½ measuring cups of all-purpose flour,

(ii) 1 cup of sugar,

(iii) 1 tablespoon of baking soda,

(iv) 3 tablespoons of rich, unsweetened cocoa,

(v) a pinch of salt,

(vi) 1 tablespoon of vinegar,

(vii) 5 tablespoons of oil,

(viii) a teaspoonful of vanilla essence,

(ix) 1 cup of cold water.

  • Directions:


(i) Through a dry sieve, sift the flour and cocoa powder thoroughly into a mixing bowl, ensuring there are no lumps in both constituents.


(ii) Then, add in the rest of the dry ingredients (these being sugar, salt and baking soda).


(iii) Mix lightly to fairly blend in these ingredients with a dry spoon.


(iv) Next, toss in the rest of the fluid commodities – vinegar, oil, vanilla essence and water.


(v) With a beater, mix all these ingredients as smoothly as possible for a good couple of minutes until a flowing texture of the batter is achieved.


(vi) Pre-heat your oven to 350° Celsius.

(vii) Over a baking tin (this could be of any shape that you desire. Just make sure that it’s sufficient for the net content of your batter) spray a fine layer of some extra oil and then pour in the entire batter completely.


(viii) Place your filled up baking tray into the oven. Set a timer up for exactly 30 minutes.


(ix) Once time is up, remove your tray and place it over a counter. In order to check if the cake is baked appropriately, insert the teeth of a fork or toothpick – it should seamlessly slide in if it has. Else, leave it back again into the oven for a couple of minutes extra.


(x) Once completely baked, remove the cake into a platter. Serve accordingly.


  • Some miscellaneous things to keep note of:


(i) The quantities of ingredients that have been recorded herewith are only in ratio to serving 4 average portions in total. If you personally require a smaller or larger quantity than this, please proportionate accordingly.


(ii) For some extra fun, you could lay out some icing! The idea of doodling along with a nozzle-tipped piping bag is always exciting to little ones!


  • Ingredients required:


(i) 200 grams of icing sugar,


(ii) 100 grams of butter,


(iii) 1 tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa, made into a thick paste with some cold water.


  • Directions:


(i) Thoroughly mix the butter with all of the icing sugar, adding the latter ingredient progressively.


(ii) Then, add in the cocoa and blend again, striving to achieve a thick, pasty consistency.

Et Voila! Now you’re icing’s also ready for slathering! Make sure your cake has completely cooled down, by the way.

Author’s Bio

This article is written by Teresa Kent who search, experiment about different genres and write articles. She is a journalist and she is a councillor in a city school. This article is about wine cities. Her next article would be about Coffee Bean.

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