Do Yourself Home Improvement Ideas

When you do home improvements, it does not necessarily mean that you have to have a big budget and hire a contractor to do that. While there are so many ways you can improve your home there are very simple steps that can be taken to improve your home. In addition to making your home look pleasant, making your home energy efficient and comfortable for the inhabitants also is a part of the home improvement.

1)      Kitchen Improvement
If your kitchen cabinets look shabby but structure is steady do not replace them. Replace the damaged knobs and locks etc and treat it with a new coat of paint. Maybe you can think of a theme colour for the kitchen and paint the kitchen and the cabinets in complementing colours. Matching table clothes and napkins can create such a big difference. Also check for the clutter in the kitchen and store them somewhere else or if there are items you did not use in over an year give them to someone who would find them useful. If you did not use in a year, the chances are you would not use them in the next year as well. Also when you have such clutter they become breeding grounds for pests as well.

2)      Paint the bed rooms
A fresh coat of paint give a totally different look for a room. Before you use the intended paint, use coat primer beforehand. It will help to hide the colour of the previous paint and also will prevent peeling and blistering. When you choose the colours for your room remember that lighter colours make a room look spacious and a darker colour can make the room appear cosy.

3)      Replace the fixtures
If you have old and shabby ceiling fans or lamp shades it can give a tired look for your interior. Replace them with new ones to give a fresh look for your living room. When you choose new fans or lamps make sure that it complements the overall appearance of your living space. Also when you select the new fixtures make sure they are energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

4)      Ceiling Lights
You can use ceiling lights to provide lights without being too obvious where it is coming from. When the sources of light such as lamp shades are in the eye level some find it too harsh on their eyes. So using such ceiling lights is a good idea to make the light source inconspicuous.

5)      Touch up the attic
Not many know that the heating mostly escapes through the attic when it is not properly insulated. Once the attic is properly insulated one would be able to save a staggering amount of money on energy bills.

6)      Re-fresh the bathroom
You can make a huge change to your bath room by adding a new shower curtain and matching window curtains. Think of a different theme of curtains and drapes to give it a fresh appeal. Bathroom towels are another element that can add some charm.


About the Author: Joanna Robinson is a content writer who loves to share her knowledge among internet users. These days she is writing about home renovating tips and about office in the garden

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