Different Types of Bar Signs

A Bar Sign is a great way to add character to your bar whether you’re just starting out, redecorating or simply just want a new accessory for your bar. But what do you choose? There are so many humorous and quirky bar signs that you should consider when looking for the perfect sign.

Neon Signs It’s a known fact the human eye is drawn to light which is what makes neon lights such a great addition to any room. They are attractive, catch attention and are instantly visible. The only downfall to this is you have to place your sign near a plug socket or buy an extension as they do need electricity to run. They are undoubtedly the most eye catching sign around and are available in almost any colour you can think of.

Vintage Signs-These are typically made of metal and do have to be maintained to keep their good look. Some people tend to scrap these without realising what value they hold through their worn look. They come in all different shapes and sizes but some are very unique and hard to find. In the early 20th century the craze for vintage signs was huge to the point where there were almost as many different types of signs as there was beer! Many of those signs are now collectables.

Mirrored signs These can be custom made for your bar with any name, logo and picture on. Again there are some of these that have been around for years and are valuable to collectors. When put in the right place they will catch the attention of those in your bar. You can customise this to be humorous or personal.

Beer Bar signs Beer bar signs are one of the most popular signs going. Companies such as Guinness and Budweiser are two of the main ones available. They are very popular in bars and come in all of the above signs. They are also popular with collectors but some of them aren’t as rare as their vintage versions.

The above are simply bar sign ideas that you can take on board when looking into getting a sign. It is however important that you take into consideration the type of bar you have, its style and decorative qualities. Placing a vintage sign in a modern bar would no doubt look silly and out of place. If you are uncertain on what you would like consider visiting an expert who could help you design some bespoke signs.

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