7 Tips to Staying Connected During Travels

You are out on a vacation so make the most out of it.

Stay connected to your loved ones or clients but do it sparingly. Here are few suggestions so you can keep wired without compromising fun.

Care to leave an away message.
The worst thing that you want happen once you return to work from a vacation is being bombarded with calls and texts from furious clients.

The reason? They assumed you were trying to escape from your responsibilities. That you were not even returning their emails. But truth is you have no intention of doing so. You were vacatioining. Unfortunately, your clients did not know. And as always, you will have to work hard to make it up to them. Avoid hassles like this.

Make it a point to set up an auto-response before you leave. Let people contacting you know that you are not in the office. At least, they would not think you are ignoring them. At least all emails you receive go answered.

Stop acting as though you’re on duty.
You are on a vacation leave.

You might think there’s nothing wrong responding to emails suddenly popping on your screen. But doing so might cause confusion. You do not anyone to think you are being unfair, choosing only a selected few whose questions you will answer.

If you must attend to urgent emails, ensure to put it off. At least not the moment you received them. As a personal approach, I write my essay concisely. The sender might think it is okay to keep consulting you anyway even when you’re in vacation and might only set their expectations on you too high. Write brief and tell them you are going to talk about it in full detail when you arrive.

Ensure the wi-fi access is for free.
Clarify first whether the wi-fi access is free before you connect to it.

At least if it is paid you will be compelled to make your checking quick, and be highly selective when responding to messages. You would not bother checking websites that are not necessary, and so you also avoid wasting time being stationary.

Set particular time to check email.
You know what usually happens whenever you respond to an email.

You answer the question and when the sender is currently online, they’d reply back right away. Then you will answer again, and it will appear you are already chatting and exchanging views on various topics. Later you will notice you have already wasted so much time bent on your inbox. Do not let this happen. There is so much to do when you are in another area to let yourself be stuck for hours talking to your contacts.

Unless you really have nothing else to do, and are only killing time,which takes us to the next advice that is…

Check email during downtimes.
Choose the right timing to communicating with your loved ones or colleagues.

You might as well follow the office hours where you currently are instead of basing it on the time back home. There’s no use being away from your 9-5 work if you will be in front of the computer or smartphone the whole day.

Are you still waiting for passengers to board? Is everyone taking a rest? Are the restrooms all occupied? Are you traveling long hauls?

If these are among the scenarios you are in then you can for all you want, sign in and check your inbox.

Check email just before you get yourself involved in activities.
Are you planning to run, swim, cycle or trek?

You might want to open your inbox to see who left you messages. If the concern requires careful thinking then you can use the time you will dedicate for the activity to clear your head. Then, once you get back, you will be able to give the sender the best answer.

This timing is also great as you are able to unwind in case you receive a bad news.

Finally, don’t feel sorry for reading and responding to messages late.
Once they become aware you are out for a vacation, they will understand it. But even though, you should not feel bad for responding later. Don’t destroy the mood of your travel. Keep good vibes going.

Author Bio:
Nettie Gray loves the convenience offered by email to letting her loved ones know she’s safely reached her destination. She even offers assistance on “write my paper” project to her friends who are editing their papers.

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