7 Creative Wedding Gifts

A wedding is a chance to show a friend how much you care by presenting heartfelt gifts to say congratulations on a new life. Of course, with wedding registries, finding appropriate gifts isn’t that difficult, but if you are a close friend or relative, wouldn’t it be nice to give something that they will always remember and associate with you? It’s nice when wedding gifts are personal, so here are seven possibilities that will almost certainly be remembered by the bride and groom.

One great idea is to get fancy photo frames. They’re going to have lots of pictures from the wedding, and giving them someplace to put them is a great idea. Montage frames are popular, as they hold multiple photos in an artful arrangement. You might also like to consider frames that incorporate something that the couple loves, such as a favorite cartoon character or animal. There’s nothing wrong with a little whimsy for a wedding.

You might also want to consider a scrapbook. This could be especially meaningful if it is filled with pictures of them in association with you, either by yourselves or with a group of mutual friends or relatives. For instance, if you’re an aunt, a scrapbook of them with the people on your side of the family would be a treasured keepsake.

Another possibility is getting wedding flasks. If the bride and groom are drinkers, this may be a great option. You can get them engraved, either with one of their names on each or both of their names on both of them. It’s a classy gift that also has an element of fun to it. They may even decide to break those flasks out on their honeymoon.

Figurines can be lovely wedding presents, especially if you find one that particularly pertains to the couple. Gift shops are great places to find these, and while the really nice ones are usually expensive, they may wonderful display pieces that may sit in the couple’s living room for years to come, always reminding them of you.

If you are a crafty type of person, you could try to undertake a quilt for the happy couple. Of course, this is a project that you’ll have to plan well in advance, but it can make a truly remarkable wedding present. You don’t have to do it alone, either; invite other friends or relatives to come over for a quilting party and present the quilt to the couple as a group gift.

Another possibility for a group gift is a cookbook. Get as many acquaintances of the couple involved as possible by requesting recipes months before the wedding, then compiling them into the book. They’ll have lots of unique meal options, and each will come with a reminder of someone they love.

Finally, everyone loves cash. It may seem boring, but it’s giving them permission to be creative by using that money as they see fit. With lots of wedding-related expenses for them to cover, that gift may be appreciated most of all.

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