6 Tips to Conquering Jet Lag

Overcoming jet lag starts way before you set out on your trip.

Condition your internal body clock so that it will be in sync to that of your destination’s. Adjust  your everyday schedule to either an hour later or earlier every day before your trip.

Train as well your tummy to get used to the temporary schedule you are supposed to keep up with. Once you are there at your destination, follow the local time.

Be strategic when booking flights. Prioritize flights scheduled to land in your destination in the evening. This shall make it easier for your body to adjust as you are likely to feel exhausted during the flight, and feel the urge to just sleep once you reach the place. Work things according to your normal schedule and you are good to go.

Slow down on caffeine intake. Postpone drinking coffee at least 12 hours before your flight. Despite coffee being an effective energy booster so you can avoid feeling grumpy, its caffeine content on the other hand might push you to stay up late. That is even when your normal body clock says it is time that you go take a rest. And when you do fall asleep, chances are you will wake up every now and then.

Stay hydrated. Ensure to always drink water during the trip. Do not forget to as well stash few items that will help keep your skin look and feel moisturized. Lip balm and moisturizer for instance.

Try to sleep during your flight. Even when you are not sleepy, set your body to taking a rest so you have the energy to handle jet lag as you arrive your destination.  Make your space conducive for sleep. Turn off the lights, and wear eye covers. You can also put on your earplugs. Listen to soothing, feel-good music to block out external noise. You never know the kind of passenger that will be seating beside you. If you get lucky, you might just win a passenger who is snoring loudly as your seatmate. Should you have extra funds, consider booking first class. This is so you can recline your chair freely and enjoy a more peaceful, private space.

Don’t take drugs you aren’t familiar with. Avoid experimenting on sleeping pills or any drug that induce sleep for that matter. Most especially if it is the first time you are taking them. Up in the air, the first aid kit is the closest thing you will have to a hospital. Unless there’s a doctor onboard that is willing to share their expertise, you will have to wait until the plane touches down so you can be given appropriate medical treatment. Either way, it’s best to not take risks when it involves your health. Stick first to the natural, non-oral ways you can prevent jet lag.

Go out in direct sunlight. When you arrive at your destination during the day, resist temptations of staying for some downtime at your hotel or wherever you are staying. Expose yourself to sunlight. This might help awaken your body for it to function according to the local time.

Remember that body clocks do not reset easily. And jet lags for that are inevitable. But there are ways how you can lessen the symptoms so your trips would not suffer, and you still can make the most out of your first day in your destination. You might even have the energy to create write my paper project or a simple essay writing about your encounters so far.

Author Bio:
Nettie Gray always thinks of the precious time that she will lose staying long in hostels. Fresh from her flight, she explores her destination right away. It makes her feel tired after, and so enjoying a good night sleep becomes easier.

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