6 simple steps to make the perfect wedding bouquet

When walking down the aisle with her father, a bride will want to carry an impressive bouquet. The wedding bouquets which bridesmaids are carrying should also look amazing. There are many wedding florists who are able to create a bouquet for a bride and her bridesmaids which will take everyone’s breath away. However, they can also be created at home and here are several steps that show how:

Know which flowers will be in a bouquet

Wedding florists have scores of flowers which can be in a bouquet. By saying what colours a bouquet should have, a perfect arrangement can be made. A bride can find out which flowers she wants by searching online. If bridesmaid’s dresses are of a particular colour, flowers can blend in. Seasonal flowers should be chosen because they will be very fresh. If a particular flower is picked which isn’t available until at other times of the year, a bride will need to rethink what’ll be in her bouquets. Once a bride has come to a decision about which flowers she wants, they can be sourced online or from a florist.

Cut stems to an appropriate length

When wild flowers are chosen, their stems can be longer. However, if one type of flower is picked, they can be the same size as each other. Once flowers have been obtained from a florist, cut every stem. When all stems are cut to have the same length, a bouquet will look very presentable because each flower will have a similar height.

Bind a bouquet

Once stems have been cut, a bouquet has to be bound so that it stays together and doesn’t fall apart. By holding a bouquet at a 45ᵒ angle, it will be very straight. It is recommended to keep a steady hand so that binding a bouquet goes entirely according to plan.

Leave in water overnight

When a bouquet is made the night before a wedding, they should be left in water. Once bouquet binding has been completed, it can be left in a pool of water which is about an inch deep. When too much water is used, a bouquet could drown and will have to be replaced.

Allow a bouquet to dry

Hours before a wedding, a bouquet should be taken out of water. When a bouquet doesn’t have any water at the bottom of its stems, it won’t drip onto a brides or a bridesmaids dress.

Wrap fabric around the bottom of a bouquet    

To complete a bouquet, fabric can be wrapped around its bottom in order to hide the binding. Fabric can be the same colour as a bride and bridesmaid’s dresses or a similar shade. By using plenty of fabric, any water which remains on a bouquet will be absorbed.

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