6 Money Safety Tips for Travels Abroad

Apparently, travelers make attractive theft targets.

When abroad, it’s not enough that you know your way to the nearest police station. Why, after all, would you anticipate the need to approach law enforcers when you can keep yourself and your valuables safe?

Burglars are wiser now than ever. They have learned to target people through their emotions. Some, in fact, use kids as bait. That innocent-looking child trying to strike a conversation with you may be accomplices.

This is not to say that you should suspect everyone around you, rather a reminder how important it is to stay vigilant.

Here are other money safety tips you can use.

Refrain from giving alms.
If you cannot resist the urge, at least do not give away bills. Share instead anything edible.

You are not the only one to say no so you need not feel guilty about walking away. Given that the beggar comes in a clean slate, you cannot be too sure about those within hearing or viewing distance. Letting the public know where you are keeping your cash, let alone flashing your money may already make you an instant theft target.

Do not risk your safety.

Separate bills.
We cannot stress any further how crucial it is that you divide your money. This way, you will not be wiped out in case one of your item gets lost. You can also use this as strategy to haggling with vendors.

Estimate how much you will be needing for the day and bring only that amount with you. Bring plastics if you deem it necessary but be cautious where you place it.

Pay attention where you store your valuables.
Always keep an eye on your belongings. It’s okay to place your backpack in the front if that makes you feel secured.

Never display your wallet on your back pockets nor place costly gadgets or belongings at the outside pocket of your pack.

Purses or small bags can be easily snatched. Look into those pouches that can be worn inside your clothing. Wear money belts. Stash some cash on your socks or bra cups for the ladies. Take advantage of on-body storage.

Don’t fight muggers.
You never know what they are carrying with them. Safety should be your utmost concern.

Bring a dummy wallet you can easily toss away. Chances are muggers will let you go and focus on your money. Run like mad to the opposite direction when you get the chance.

Secure card copies.
Remember to keep copies of credit cards or plastics that you will be taking with you abroad and leave them to someone you trust back home. Ensure that this person is easily accessible.

It also is beneficial to keep scanned copies on your personal email address which you can refer to anytime.

Look around before using ATM machines.
When you are to use the ATM, drag someone to keep you company.
Choose an ATM machine that is guarded and properly lit. Determine in advance how much you are going to withdraw so you need not stand by the machine for long.

If you can limit your ATM usage then the better. Not only will be able to save from transaction fees, you as well reduce risks of being theft targets.

Author Bio:
Nettie Gray sometimes thinks that staying in budget when traveling abroad is tougher than providing essay writing service to reluctant students. Money spent can no longer be taken back but missed lessons can be taken again anytime.

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