5 Ways to Get Your Blog Noticed

Free blogging websites have turned countless people into writers, as they provide a voice to anyone who wants one. While many businesses use blogs to promote themselves, individuals can create a small blog to interact with like-minded individuals or simply to speak their mind. Of course, it does not do much good to write a blog every few days if no one is reading it, so it’s important to generate attention for your blog to attract readers.

Determine Your Purpose

Your blog should have a definite purpose and a direction in which you want to head, otherwise it is very difficult to develop a following. Your readers will return if you are able to provide new information or instigate a conversation on a topic. They are less likely to return if your blogs are all over the map, especially if they are looking for commentary on a particular topic.

Get Involved in the Conversation

Once you have determined your purpose, it’s time to get involved in the subject matter. If you are writing on water quality, it makes sense to comment on industry products like the Horiba W-22 water quality instrument, rather than going off on a tangent about politics or something else that is unrelated. Your readers want to hear something provocative on your chosen subject matter, so now is the time to provide it.

Use Social Media

Making use of social media can quickly bring traffic to your site, as long as you handle it properly. This, once again, is a great place to join the conversation within your industry. You can then provide links to your blog, which, hopefully, will attract more readers. Your blog should include social media buttons, as they allow readers to share the information with their friends and followers instantly.

Search Engine Optimization

You can use search engines to your advantage by optimizing your blog accordingly. Identify words and phrases that others are searching for and include them in your blog post. Including these popular phrases in your titles will give you an added boost with Google, which can bring in more web traffic. If you plan to review a product, such as the Horiba U-50 water quality meter, put the product name first in the title, as this can help with your search engine ranking.

Speak Directly to Your Audience

Remember that you are conversing with your audience, so write in a more conversational style. Do not write in a formal style that reads like a press release, as this causes the audience to lose its focus very quickly. You’re not trying to impress a teacher with your formal writing skills here, as the goal is to create a dialogue with interested readers. As a result, readability is more important than the language you use throughout your blog posts.


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