5 benefits to home heat recovery ventilation systems

There are many types of ventilation systems. Although a window can be opened, it isn’t as effective as a ventilation system. Before choosing heat recovery, there are many benefits to consider so that a final decision is made based on fact:

Better insulation

During the winter, a property still has to be ventilated. In colder regions, a homeowner might think twice before doing so because cold air will come into their property. Hardly any warm air will escape when a heat recovery system is turned on. Even if a lot of moist air is in a property, it won’t be cold and will appear very fresh.

Money won’t be wasted on energy bills

As energy bills keep increasing, homeowners are trying to reduce them in whatever way they can. When heat is produced by radiators or electric heaters, it will remain in a property even when a heat recovery system is turned on for the vast majority of the day. A heat recovery unit doesn’t require a lot of electricity either. Therefore, a homeowner needn’t worry about their next electricity bill because the amount of electricity which is used is miniscule.

Mould is prevented from building up

When there is moisture in a bathroom and a kitchen, condensation can form which could then turn into mould. Mould is a serious issue and must be stopped from happening altogether. Although mould can be removed from walls and other cold surfaces with bleach, this does not treat the root cause of mould. A heat recovery system stops mould from forming because moist air is replaced with fresh air.

Pollutants don’t enter a property

In built-up areas, smog can come into a property. Not only does this exacerbate current health problems but it can be the reason why others are caused. When a heat recovery system is turned on, the air which comes into a property is filtered beforehand. If parents are concerned about the air quality in their home because they live in a city centre or near a main road, such as a motorway, a heat recovery system can ease any fears. This is because the air which comes into a property is clean.

Vents are very small

Fresh air enters a property via small, unobtrusive vents. If a homeowner doesn’t have a lot of space, only a small percentage of it will be taken up by vents. As they are very easy to install, a lot of mess won’t be caused at all during the installation process. As a result, picking heat recovery systems is not only beneficial to a person’s health but it doesn’t cause much inconvenience either.

For more information on whole house heat recovery contact BPC. As a leading UK ventilation services supplier they offer a range of heat recovery solutions suitable for properties of all sizes.

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