4 steps on how to sell a Rolex watch online

Rolex is a renowned brand that has years of experience. Many people want to own a Rolex watch because of the status it gives them. Buying a Rolex watch is also a great investment opportunity. As with gold and other precious metals, a Rolex watch can increase in value over time. If you’re thinking about how to sell my Rolex watch online, here are a couple of steps on how to do so:

Provide a serial number

When selling a Rolex watch on an internet auction site, potential buyers will want to know that it is an authentic model and not a fake. Although some sellers are reluctant to do so, a serial number should be provided. When a serial number is on a listing on such sites as EBay or Amazon, there can be more interest in it because it’s 100% authentic. As a serial number is actually on a Rolex watch, it doesn’t take long to see what it is. In fact, a serial number can be identified within seconds.

Upload photos

The photos which accompany a listing for a Rolex watch on an internet auction site must be of it. Many sellers make the mistake of not providing genuine photos of their Rolex watch. If a Rolex looks completely different than the photographs which are on a listing, such as a small dent on the watch face, the person that eventually buys it could ask for a refund. By taking photographs of a Rolex with a digital camera or a smartphone, they can be uploaded.

Classified advertisement website

There are many classified advertisement websites which enable sellers to post listings about their Rolex watch without ever having to upload photographs. Internet auction websites typically charge a small fee. As a Rolex watch can sell for a lot of money, fees can be very high. The opposite applies with a classified advertisement website because no fees have to be paid at all. Even when a listing for a Rolex watch is posted several times, a seller doesn’t have to pay any fees whatsoever. Although a small fee can be charged when uploading photographs, this doesn’t apply to every classified advertisement website.

Consider other options

An internet auction site isn’t the only avenue when thinking ‘I want to sell my Rolex watch online’. There are many websites which make it very easy to sell a Rolex watch. By providing as much information about it, such as its age and any distinguishing features, a quote can be provided by phone or email. The quote that is given doesn’t have to be accepted and those who requested it are welcome to look elsewhere. If a quote is acceptable, an envelope will be sent along with relevant documents. As soon as an envelope arrives, the Rolex watch and any documentation can be put in there i.e. a Certificate of Authenticity. When a Rolex watch and any documents have been checked, payment for it can then be processed.

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