10 Awesome Pictures from the Himalayas

The Himalayas is one of the world’s truly outstanding places of natural beauty. Everybody knows about Mount Everest but there is a whole lot more to see there than just the world’s tallest mountain. Here is some photographic proof of that fact. 

1: Mount Everest. There is much more to the Himalayas than Everest, but you cannot talk about this region without paying respects to this awesome mountain. 

2: Tibet. It is a controversial place for so many reasons but the spiritual home to Buddhism is a must see for any visitor. 

3: The Lakes. Everybody knows about the mountains but some of the lakes are equally impressive.

4: Momos. The great food in the Himalayas is often something that is not often mentioned enough when talking about this great region. Eat like the locals with a healthy portion of some great tasting momos. 

5: The monks. It is impossible to spend anytime on the Himalayas without seeing the distinctive orange robes of the Buddhist monks. 

6: The Locals. The local people you meet in the Himalayas are some of the kindest and friendliest that you will ever meet. They also have a great sense of humour. 

7: Prayer Flags. The Buddhist prayer flags flutter in the breeze at every turning. 

8: The Wildlife. Donkey, cows, sheep and goats usually have the right of way in the Himalayas! 

9: Leh Palace. Leh, the capital of Ladakh, is a must-stop destination for anyone who plans on visiting the Himalayas. 

10: The Views. The Himalayas is perhaps the only place in the world where it is is literallyy impossible for you to turn your head without having your breath taken away by all of the beauty that surrounds you. Amazing! 

By Daniel Fern. Daniel is British writer and a blogger. He is a keen traveller and he used Shakti Himalaya for his latest trip to Himalayas.


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